The Session

We start with a discussion of your needs, then your case history and a description of the therapy if you’re new to it. I’ll answer any questions you may have.

We then proceed to the couch. The therapy is done fully clothed (loose trousers or leggings are preferable to a skirt/dress).

I start with several gentle holds to evaluate your body.  The treatment proceeds around the body, head and spine with more light holds. Occasionally I may use deeper pressure, hold a limb in a certain position position, discuss what is going on for you, and possibly work with some imagery if you feel comfortable to do so. It may be appropriate to finish with a few minutes of energy work. Then I’ll re-evaluate your body.

The most common experience for my clients is of deep relaxation, having brief passing experiences of emotional or physical pain, seeing colours, and having feelings of joy, energy and bliss. If working with imagery is appropriate, this can sometimes to lead to some deeper emotional release during the session.

With time to talk before and after, a session from my home will last 1 to 2 hours. In clinics my sessions may be restricted to an hour, with an extra half hour for evaluation in your first session.

After the treatment clients usually feel very calm, relaxed and happy. Sometimes they have revelations or deeper understandings about themselves. Integration may take a few days.
I would suggest a short break before working heavy machinery or driving far after the session to ground yourself.