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quotes-leftI’ve benefited greatly from craniosacral therapy with Nick Rampton. I’ve had a number of sessions with him for a range of issues over the last couple of years. I have intense pain flare-ups due to chronic illness (ME) which normally last between 1 to 4 weeks.  During a flare-up of my neck, which was quite unbearable, Nick gave me a 20 minute session of his craniosacral therapy. By the end the pain had almost completely gone, and the last remnants had completely dissapeared within 3 days. This shocked me – it was like magic!
I find Nick very intuitive and he has great sensitivity. Nick has a reassuring touch and he makes me feel very safe which, as a younger woman, is something I’ve struggled with when seeing other male therapists.
On a couple of occasions Nick has introduced a little imagery and dialoguing into my sessions, which has revealed some useful and accurate information about my physiological needs, eg dietary needs and vitamin deficiencies. These have later been confirmed by medical professionals. As a result of these sessions I’ve made adjustments to my lifestyle which have benefited my health, and which I may not have done  without Nick.
I highly recommend craniosacral therapy with Nick,  whether you have a specific health problem, or you’re just looking for something nourishing to give yourself. Nick is awesome,  professional, and genuinely a lovely guy!”

quotes-leftHaving never heard of craniosacral therapy I was uncertain what was involved and how efficacious it would be.  I had been having a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders when Nick offered me a treatment and was encouraged to try it by the reassurance on his literature of healing through gentleness.  I found that Nick was very thorough in making an assessment of what treatment was required. His manner is very reassuring and he is easy to talk too.  The therapy was extremely gentle and subtle and I felt a great sense of warmth, peace and well-being.  At the end of the treatment I was so relaxed that I fell asleep.  After the treatment the pain had gone and I was trouble free for several weeks afterwards and also slept much better.   I would certainly recommend Nick as a therapist.”
K. M. 

quotes-leftI am quite thankful to Nick for treating me after I had a car crash and then in following sesions in a recurrent back pain due to childbirth. I could feel great improvement afterwards! Highly recommended!”–N.R.

quotes-leftI’ve had tried a reasonable number of different therapies and received treatment from a number of therapists. Hence I feel confident in acknowledging that Nick is certainly among the best I’ve encountered. His approach is warm, understanding and down to earth. Nick seems to have a natural wisdom and acceptance of life, and aims to alleviate discomfort instead of the unrealistic strive to make it disappear altogether. I received several treatments from Nick, and felt amazing every time. Nick’s professional approach meant that I didn’t have to engage in small talk. I could just relax and go into the place of light, colours, and energies, feeling waves of pleasant warmth surge through my body and mind. I felt a great deal of healing took place every time, and I felt a lot calmer and more alive at the same time. Even the circulation in my body seemed to balance, I remember well, not being able to zip up one of my boots prior to the session with Nick and then zipping it up with plenty of room afterwards. I am sure that everyone who has received treatment from Nick will agree that his is an exceptionally gifted practitioner and a powerful healer. I recommend Nick with confidence to anyone looking for a treatment”
(N.L., BA Hons, PgCert, PgDip)

quotes-leftI have had craniosacral treatments with Nick on a number of occasions. The most noticeable was when I had hurt my back lifting a heavy water butt. After Nicks treatment the pain subsided and a few days my back returned to normal. I have always felt treated with genuine concern and care by Nick, and I think trust is crucial in any form of bodywork. I feel more in touch with my body and any anxieties / worries diminish or totally go. Everytime I walk away feeling emotionally balanced and nurtured. I thank Nick for helping me. I would recommend Nick to anyone considering addressing any issues, and am looking forward to the next treatment.”
Sincerely S. G.”

quotes-leftI have been having craniosacral therapy with Nick for over a year now. I had tried different therapies before like Reiki and massage and had heard good things about craniosacral therapy and thought I’d try it. I haven’t looked back! It really is a therapy that works for me. I come out of the sessions feeling totally relaxed but super energised at the same time. Nick’s warm and friendly nature always puts me at ease and his professional attitude makes me feel like I’m in safe hands. I would (and do) recommend Nick to everyone.” — L.T.

quotes-leftHi after a grueling round of homelessness,bereavement, illness,mobility problems, surgery (with many complications).I finally made it to my favourite summer camp,utterly exhausted.
Nick came to my caravan & gave me a 20 minute treatment. After which I went out &danced all night for the 1st time I yrs.at the hilarious silent disco. One of the best nights of my life★ Having drunk quite a lot of wine I was expecting to pay with 2wks in bed. Instead I woke energized &happy. Amazing gentle but profoundly effective treatment.
Id recommend to anyone of any age or physical/mental state. Thanks nick.”–J.M.

quotes-leftI have received quite a lot of craniosacral work from different therapists. I found Nick very professional, attentive, warm and generous with his time. The room where he gives treatments is comfortable and provides a good supportive space. I did not have a particularly intense body issue but was going for a “tune up” and found the session very relaxing and pleasant. I would recommend Nick highly to anyone who is in need of craniosacral body work!” — S.M.

quotes-leftNick knows what he’s doing. I generally drift off and feel incredibly relaxed and wonderful afterwards…..I’d highly reccomend him” — G.K.

quotes-leftMy first craniosacral treatment was a revelation, rapidly transporting me into a blissful state of relaxation. Thank you Nick” — N.S

quotes-leftNick is an exceptional and intuitive therapist providing long lasting relief from chronic pain. Thoroughly recommend.” –S.W.

quotes-leftI found Nick’s treatment deeply relaxing, to the point I drifted off (which was a first for me!) He is both caring and professional and I would highly recommend him as a practitioner.” –F.D.

quotes-leftNick is very professional and demonstrates excellent skill and intuition. Every treatment I’ve received from him has seemed to magically relieve even the most stubborn pain and tension. He is a kind, sensitive and respectful gentleman and is always generous with his energy and time. I highly recommend treatment with Nick for everyone. His gentle, caring personality also makes him the perfect choice for people who are nervous or new to experiencing craniosacral therapy.”–N.L.